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Every day as I walk along the streets of Geneva, I imagine that one day all the grey concrete buildings and walls have become colorful.

Painting for me is meditation and mindfulness, as soon as I pick up the paint brush my mind stops babbling to itself. Painting helps me escape from this loud agitated world to another beautiful dimension.


Denise Langlois

My name is Denise and I live in Geneva, Switzerland. I am passionate about paint, music and colors.

I’ve always loved the feeling of paint, the smell and how it can bring so much happiness and color to our world. I started painting the walls in all the houses and flats we lived in and was always excited to see the room come alive with color.

One boring day I started to draw and really loved it. Then later when I had some extra money I brought some canvas, paints and brushes. Late one night I put on my headphones switched on the music and my mind drifted into another world and at the end I saw the white canvas had changed into a colorful painting.

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